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My thinking is to run Starting Strength for as long as I possibly can without getting injured or plateauing for extended periods of time. At which time I’ll be basically at the limit of my “newbie” gains, and have to start playing around with sub-max effort programs (5/3/1 and the like).

If I wanted to train as, say, a multi-sport athlete, would my thinking be the same? Basically train strength for as long as I can, then transition into athleticism/conditioning and dynamic training?

Anyone with experience in this matter care to weigh in?

Going over gym and meet PRS/ making goals for the year.

As soon as I hit anywhere near 200# in squat training I get some sort of injury or mental derailment or some shit. Gotta push through that shit.

My bench was once majestic for my size/weight. How the nighty have fallen.

My deadlift is pretty much the only thing that’s been consistent. Always hovering around 300-350. I need to make that step toward 400#.

Meet PRS:

Squat 95kg/209#
Bench 68kg/149#
Dead 155kg/340#

Total 318kg/700#

Goals for 2014:

Squat 140kg/310#
Bench 90kg/200#
Dead 255kg/500#

Total 455kg/1010#
@ whatever bodyweight is necessary to get these lifts.

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I’m looking for more blogs that are serious about lifting and gaining muscle mass and less weight loss things because that’s not what I’m going for


I like to think i lift heavy.

I like to think I lift heavy…. A lot of room for improvement.


I would say I lift sort of heavy isn, with definite aims to lift heavier.