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Definitely just had a chat with the resident sport psychokogist employed by the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan. Quite enlightening.

The joker ain’t the only fool

Who’ll do anything for you.

Squat - 3x5x155
Ohp - 3x5x75
Dead - 1x5x205 (10 sec hold on last rep)

Felt a little tightness in my hip flexors during the squat. Went sway after a few warmup sets, should probably work on more mobility. Also felt my hips shift a bit to the right during a couple of my working reps. Odd.

Also decided that I need to reevaluate my priorities for training. Am I training to be the best powerlifter I can be, or am I training for overall athleticism. At this point, with the weight I’m moving, both answers are probably leading to keep going with starting strength.

But I do want to tryout for usask vball this fall. And if that’s going to happen I’m going to seriously need to up my game.

Got to thinking the other day. I’ve never owned a “fast” car.

'76 Chevy pickup
‘03 KIA Rio
‘97 jeep tj wrangler
‘03 vw jetta TDI

The jetta has the potential to be the fastest vehicle I’ve owned. With a bit of work.

Upgraded my phone today after haggling with telus. $9.90 for a new phone! Got the Google nexus. Super awesome, except now anyone who texted me before via imessage can’t contact me until apple disables my certificates for I message in their server.

Bleh. Should be OK tomorrow though